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Indeed, it was one of the objectives for which the HBC was incorporated in Cited in the Royal Charter of Incorporation was the phrase "the discovery of a new passage into the South Sea". It is not surprising that during this three year period as Master of the sloop "Churchill", William Christopher was instructed to not only build up a trade with the Inuits, but to continue seeking this elusive North West Passage.

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His report to the HBC in London makes interesting reading. I refer your Hon'rs to my Journal and Draught for Particulars, note - this is missing from HBC Archives and am heartly sorry our Discovery has not Answer'd your Expectations, but at the same time can truly say, we've not been wanting in doing our Utmost.

S as my affairs Greatly require me home, I beg your Hon'rs Permission for the same by the return of the Ships next year. He may well have been the first European to sail for about miles into this vast sq mile lake with a depth of over feet. Quite some task. In the meanwhile, James Cook joined the Royal Navy in , saw prolonged service in Canadian waters, wintering at times in Halifax.

James Cook was becoming more able in preparing charts and sailing directions and this led me to think that during their sailing and charting of this "unexplored" area of eastern Canada, the two men may have possibly met. Only one chart is attributed to William Christopher, that of Chesterfield Inlet. Having demonstrated his seamanship and loyalty to the HBC, William Christopher was recommended for promotion to second mate of the company's ship King George , 21st March They set up home at Narrow Street, Limehouse, London.

Whilst we know William Christopher still had a residence in Stockton, he must have spent various winter and spring periods in London. I cannot find a record of them meeting or being involved in any mutual maritime matter. At first glance that was not really surprising as William Christopher was an officer with the merchant company HBC, whilst James Cook was a Royal Naval Officer well known for his chart preparations, eclipse record and was generally under the eye of the Admiralty as well as the Royal Society.

However, neither William Wales nor William Christopher mentions each other by name. To appreciate the scale of this residence and the status of the owner, I compared the insurance with that of James Cook who lived nearby. Cook re-insured his house and contents, just prior to sailing on his first voyage to the Pacific on 23rd June Stepney Causeway was indeed a very fashionable address with nearby neighbours certainly influential in maritime circles.

The Christophers owned the Stepney Causeway house at least until , but there was no mention of any London property in his will. William Christopher records having pressed 20 men at Gravesend on May 28th and "Ask Admiral for convoy". He recorded in his log on 11th, "at Noon C. Churchill bears by Acct S 32 degrees Wt.

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Distance 14 Leagues". Following the French defeat at the Battle of the Saintes in April , when Admiral Rodney scuppered the hopes of the French capturing Jamaica from the British, the remnant French fleet disbanded. These three ships were then sent north, under La Perouse's command on a secret mission.

So secret, the crew were not even issued with cold weather clothing in fear of the British having wind of it! They were charged to sail northwards, enter Hudson Bay and destroy the British trading fortifications and capture any HBC ships with their valuable cargoes. William Christopher's log for 13th to 29th is rather complicated, and I have taken the liberty to summarise it for clarity. Christopher knew the coast, shoals and currents extremely well. The weather was hazy. The French, dispatched a frigate to chase him, thinking his cargo valuable as a prize, but could only navigate by following in Prince Rupert wake, for fear of grounding so near the shore.

Christopher then had a brilliant idea. He sent his men aloft to furl the sails and pretended to come to anchor. The French frigate captain being uncertain of the area, also anchored, knowing he had the British ship within his grasp. However, Christopher aware that night would soon quickly fall, held his position until he was convinced the French captain had dropped all sails and anchored, then speedily hoisted his own sails and quickly departed. The French were then faced with the laborious task of bringing their anchors home and setting sail.

Christopher, with his detailed local knowledge, sought a safe and secluded anchorage, making for Knapps Bay where he carefully hid from the French until 27th. In the meantime, La Perouse had taken and destroyed Fort York, but not before William Christopher's friend and fellow Stocktonian, Captain Jonathon Fowler Jr in command of King George III , having sighted the French flotilla, had quickly finished loading the valuable annual cargo of furs and sailed inshore through shoals he knew well, outwitting La Perouse and safely departed for England.

On 29th, William Christopher carefully sailed near to Fort Prince of Wales and made the agreed signal. There was no response or any sign of habitation. The fort was demolished and so he rightfully decided to sail for England, where he anchored at Radcliff Cross on the 27th November. William Christopher died on 2nd November in Newcastle-on-Tyne where he had gone for medical advice. His will 20 is ten pages of legal jargon, written in an "Olde English" hand that proved beyond my capabilities to read properly.

The flow of Chinese venture capital shows no signs of letting up. To help bring Israeli and Chinese companies together, a number of joint business events are now held regularly, and the mutual interest in research has also spilled over into academic cooperation. Two years later, the University of Haifa announced plans to build a joint laboratory at East China Normal University in Shanghai to research ecology, data, biomedicine, and neurobiology; all funding was provided by the Chinese government.

Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes—one of the major conduits of pro-Beijing information and propaganda around the world—now operate at both the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University.

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Daniel Galily, an Israeli expatriate who has lectured in business at Beijing Geely University, sees a perfect complementarity at work in this growing meeting of Israeli and Chinese minds:. The educational system in China places great emphasis on discipline and obedience to superiors, while the Israeli educational system and the Israeli army encourage students and soldiers to think about new ideas, and to solve problems in situations of uncertainty.

Thus do the Chinese integrate Israeli creativity and innovation into their business enterprises while Israeli start-ups and entrepreneurs learn from their Chinese partners about long-term horizons and workforce organization.

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The arrangement may not be perfectly symmetrical, but few are pausing to contemplate its potential imbalances—a judgment that can be made about more than one aspect of this marriage. Indeed, the China-Israel relationship runs much deeper than business. China has taken on a staggering number of infrastructure projects around the world in recent years, and Israel is one of its important venues. For Israel, one of those presumably eager countries, Beijing has very special plans.

As a partner in construction projects, China brings big advantages: large pools of available capital, shorter set-up time, and faster construction of plant and infrastructure projects, often carried out by Chinese workforces brought in for the purpose. And China clearly views Israel as an element in that broader policy—a policy that takes advantage of the great-power vacuum left by the U.

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Right now, unlike Russia in Syria, Beijing has tried largely to steer clear of involvement in regional conflicts—let alone acting as mediator or honest broker. Meanwhile, closer involvement with China seems to offer Israel the promise of enhanced security for its own regional activities. But does it?

  • Israel and China Take a Leap Forward—but to Where?.
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  • The history here is instructive. The deal did not involve transfer of any American technology.

    Israel was forced to back down, and the cost was heavy: Israel had to pay a large penalty for reneging on the transaction, and its fledgling relations with China turned sour. The Harpy is a drone aircraft, with an impressive range of more than miles, that seeks out and destroys radar installations. At the time, American officials made no protest since the drones did not incorporate U. But in the George W. Bush administration did object to a deal that would add new components to the Harpy system. Israel had described the new components as spare parts. The U. As punishment, the U.

    Nor, Beijing lectured the Americans without mentioning them by name, did such cooperation harm the interests of other countries.

    There are ironies galore in this saga, the biggest of which is that, during the cold war with the Soviet Union, Washington had encouraged just this sort of cooperation between Israel and China. In that sense, the Israel-China security connection might be seen as a product of U. The early history of that connection dated back to the aftermath of the Six-Day War. Thanks to its overwhelming victory in that conflict, the IDF found itself in possession of vast stockpiles of captured Soviet-made weaponry and began looking for potential buyers.


    One was China, whose military equipment was itself Soviet-made. In February , a top-secret delegation of Israeli defense officials arrived at a military base on the outskirts of Beijing. From that initial meeting, Eisenberg returned to Israel with a Chinese shopping list that included missiles, radar, artillery ammunition, and tanks.

    Over the next year, Israeli officials made several additional trips, some involving undercover flights of Israeli Air Force planes. The first shipment of tank munitions arrived secretly in It was the Chinese, not the Israelis, who wanted to keep the growing partnership secret, since Beijing was still not prepared to recognize Israel officially. Even after the end of the cold war, Washington continued tacitly to approve.